This FREE camp will comprise of morning theory sessions and hands-on afternoon sessions. The morning session gives students the necessary background to complete the project during the afternoon session.

The first day will be an introduction to encryption with fun games to go along. We will then explore various ciphers and encryption. We will explore how these are used in browser certificates. After the first day lunch there will be a project based on the enigma machine. Day two will be an introduction to cybersecurity, trust and cryptography. We will dive into Diffie-Hellman, zero knowledge proofs, trap door functions and symmetric and asymmetric encryption. Once we have a base knowledge day three will comprise of an introduction to blockchains, distributed trust, and consensus mechanisms. There will be instruction on the implementation of blockchains such as NaiveCoin. There will be a project on adding a block to these smaller proof of concept block chains. This will create a base knowledge for day four when we dive into cryptocurrencies, smart contacts and NFT’s

The last day will include a Capture the Flag / Treasure Hunt session. You will complete hands-on projects designed to be fun and spark interest and imagination. By the end of the week, you will have developed your own cryptocurrency which you will be able to trade in for a Certificate